EFT and Fear

di Judith Rivera Rosso



Today’s EFT Tapping, EFT and Fear, is in English. It can be used to help become free from the fear we have because of something we saw in the past.

Quest Tapping Giornaliero  EFT and Fear/EFT e paura, è in Inglese. Può essere usato per liberarsi da paure che abbiamo a causa di qualcosa che abbiamo visto nel passato.


2 pensieri su “EFT and Fear

  1. Paola

    .. sometimes we think that a fear has gone simply because we have solved it in our mind. .. but sometimes we still keep it in our body….and we cannot explain to ourselves why we behave in a certain way…until we understand that is our body that still remember that fear and force us to behave the way. is safest for it.
    Today thanks to you I have realized all that. thaks Judith…Thanks a lot.


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